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Larry A. Floeter, Engineering Manager

Larry Floeter has more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of engine accessories and more than 20 years in designing and manufacturing consumer products for the marine power industry. He possesses strong expertise in:

  • Exhaust system design
  • Mechanism design
  • Reliability testing
  • Computer-aided design and drafting
  • Writing technical specifications
  • Manufacturing management

He spent 25 years at the Mercury Marine Division of the Brunswick Corporation, where, among many accomplishments, he proposed and designed a remote control system for marine engines and led an award-winning team that brought the system to production in record time.

Working with Gary Gilbertson since 1990, Larry has designed and produced a wide variety of innovative products and processes. He often handles research, data analysis, and preparation of graphics for expert witness testimony. He has played a key role in developing and refining the Free-Form Metal Tube Hydroforming process and the Quick-Turn Metal Form Tooling process developed exclusively by Gary Gilbertson & Associates.

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Gary Gilbertson, President, CEO

The owner and staff engineer of Gary G. Gilbertson & Associates since 2002, Gary Gilbertson has more than 25 years of mechanical design and engineering experience.

  • Manager of Accessory Engineering at Mercury Marine, Inc., responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the complete line of remote control and steering accessories for all models of inboard and outboard motors
  • Snowmobile test engineer and design engineer for Mercury Marine
  • Manager of Mercury Marine Snowmobile Research and Development Center
  • Holder of multiple patents for marine control and steering systems and performance-tuned exhaust systems
  • Experienced in the design and manufacture of OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems for recreational vehicles, including the design of custom manufacturing tools and fixtures

Gary’s in-depth knowledge of recreational vehicles has made him a sought-after expert witness. He has provided technical support and expert testimony in many liability cases, applying his first-hand knowledge of the physics of vehicle accidents and professional training in accident reconstruction tools and techniques.

David Gilbertson, Engineer Technician

David Gilbertson’s career in mechanical engineering spans more than 20 years and includes:

  • Fabrication and assembly of custom precision weldments
  • Custom metal forming and machining
  • Design of combustion engine support systems
  • Recreational vehicle testing and product liability support
  • Materials purchasing
  • Production scheduling and management.

David joined Gary G. Gilbertson & Associates in early 1986. As an engineering technical consultant, he helps clients with metal prototype design and fabrication, product testing, manufacturing design, and transitioning from prototype to production.

Results Oriented Design

In the mid-1980s, we embarked on a research program to design a new “intelligent exhaust system" for internal combustion engines. The result is a patented exhaust system concept that provides a cleaner fuel burn, more engine power, better noise suppression, and better heat management.

To facilitate low-cost prototyping and manufacturing of intelligent exhaust systems, we developed our patented

Free-Form Metal Tube Hydroforming process and our Quick-Turn Metal Form Tooling process. Both have the potential for wide application to manufacturing challenges in other industries.

In 1991, we began manufacturing complex exhaust systems in quantity, employing up to 40 specially trained technicians to meet the demand.

Accident Investigation and Expert Testimony

Our broad-based, in-depth expertise in internal combustion engines and the vehicles they power has brought us many requests to investigate vehicle accidents and to provide expert testimony in product liability cases. We have:

A strong reputation as thorough investigators

A solid track record as reliable and productive expert witnesses

Proven ability to use our hands-on engineering knowledge to help prepare and present your case

We are among the very few expert witnesses worldwide who are qualified to provide clear and credible fact-based expert testimony in cases involving:

  • Snowmobiles
  • Recreational Marine
  • All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Bicycles


Our long list of clients includes most of the world’s best-known makers of internal combustion engines: