Consulting Product & Manufacturing Engineers for New Products, Existing Products, Manufacturing Processes

Helping You Bring Your Idea to Market

  • Modify or Improve an Existing Product
  • Improve Your Manufacturing Processes
  • Cut Costs And Lead Times for Bringing Your Ideas to Market?

Gary G. Gilbertson & Associates, LLC provides:

  • Broad-Based, In-Depth Expertise in mechanical engineering for expert design and development
  • Product or Vehicle Testing and Documentation for qualification and certification
  • Product or Vehicle Liability Risk Analysis and Risk Management — risk assessment, pro-active risk management, and expert witness services
  • Low-Volume Production of individual components or complete assemblies
  • Free-Form Metal Hydroforming — a unique, patented process for creating complex, non-symmetrical metal tubes and shapes without costly dies, patterns, or molds
  • Quick-Turn Metal Form Tooling — our unique process for creating sheet-steel forms and molds faster and at a much lower cost

Proven and Cost-Effective Product Engineering Support

Priced and Delivered to Meet Your Unique Requirements:

  • One-Stop, Full-Service Engineering Support — to take your project from a sketch on a napkin to full-scale production
  • A La Carte Engineering Support — no frills, no add-ons, just proven expertise and services targeted precisely to your needs
  • Service on Retainer — proven expertise and services, on call whenever and wherever you need them, for your single or multiple projects
  • Project consulting — experienced engineers and technicians and proven engineering support, affordably priced on a project-by-project basis

We guarantee strict and total confidentiality.

Experienced in the Design & Development of:

  • Concepts
  • Mechanical Components & Subassemblies
  • Manufacturing Processes & Systems
  • Prototypes
  • Internal Combustion Engines & Components
  • High-Performance and/or High-Efficiency Exhaust Systems

Free-Form Metal Hydroforming

Free-Form Hydroforming is a process of forming sheet metal into non-symmetrical shapes using pressurized water. This forming process allows us to form almost any centerline radius bend and on that centerline almost any diameter.

The free-form shape is created with our CAD system using proprietary software unique and crucial to this process. Metal blanks are then cut and fused together using a unique welding process.

The blanks are placed in a specially designed hydraulic press and pressurized water is forced between the blanks to form a three-dimensional part. The forming is done with out tooling and with very quick turnaround.

This process provides quick and low-cost prototyping complex shapes like engine exhaust tubes and other fluid-handling components. It allows you to prototype and test multiple shapes in short period of time and at a much lower cost than traditional metal forming processes.

Gary G. Gilbertson & Associates created this unique system — software, welding process, hydraulic press, and water pump — to design and test high-efficiency exhaust systems for internal combustion engines. Our proprietary Hydroforming system is also a quick and low-cost way to create metal form tooling and sheet metal molds with complex or freeform shapes.

Quick Turn Metal Form Tooling

Quick Turnaround Tooling is a proprietary metal-forming stamping/drawing process created by Gary G. Gilbertson & Associates for forming pre-cut sheet steel. It provides:

  • Short lead times — 1 to 4 weeks
  • Low cost — savings of 65 to 80 percent other tooling methods.

Our exclusive Hydroform design software and free-Form Metal Hydroforming process allows us to produce free-form prototypes and then translate those shapes into CNC tooling for high-volume manufacturing — all at a very affordable cost.

Gary G. Gilbertson & Associates Special Capabilities and Expertise in Engineering Research and Design

  • Exhaust Systems for Internal Combustion Engines

  • Exhaust System fit to chassis or frames. (includes frame and chassis fabrication)

  • Field Testing - Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV, PWC and Marine

    • Vibration
    • Performance.
    • Strain gauge stress analysis
    • Engineering video analysis
    • Expert ride analysis

  • Dynamometer Test cell

    • Electronically controlled engine test cell, 5-300 hp, any rpm
    • Complete data acquisition
    • In-chassis engine and exhaust system analysis

  • Mechanical Remote Control Design & Application

    • Remote control cables
    • Push-pull and tension controls
    • Lever and control box design to interface with cables
    • Fatigue, failure, and life cycle testing
    • Electrical/mechanical remote control design

  • CAD and CNC design

  • Fabrication and Machining of Prototypes.

  • Gilbertson Free-Form Metal Hydroforming

  • Gilbertson Low-Cost Quick Turn Metal Form Tooling

Special Capabilities CONCEPT-to-MARKET

Concepts, Prototypes, Testing, and Production


Quick-Turn, Cost-Effective Metal Forms

Free-Form Metal Hydroforming

Custom-Tuned, Highly Efficient, Hydroformed